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Winter collection 2016/17

“The human is a space whose boundaries are defined by clothing.”
Lena Kvadrat

Conversion Winter


is the continuation of the line of the summer collection in regard to the ability of clothes to move on our body. This correlates to the tendencies today to change oneself in the process of a living situation, because the velocity of life determines the purpose, the form and the mobility of particular parts of human clothing.

The transformation is carried out thanks to the elastic waistbands of skirts and pants. These allow us to raise or lower their “visible” waistline in relation to our “physical” waist.

In focus is the zone of the shoulder, where a detail defining the neckline can be removed by means of a zip, thus giving an everyday dress the status of an evening dress by opening the shoulders a little.

In the collection there are no restraints on the combination of formal and informal garments. It is important to see the possibility of unusual combinations, to memorize them. This gives us the chance to discover new facets of ourselves.

To freely move through prevailing dress codes in order to regain the lost freedom of the nomad.

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