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Summer Collection 2017

K. Malevich: Girls in the Field, 1932

L. Kvadrat: Woman in the City, 2016

Fashion opens new spaces
wherein the human moves.

Lena Kvadrat


Fashion corresponds to the needs of the time. Here and now: we are nomads, and clothes move on our bodies according to the situation, to the social environment.

The distinct features of clothing are ambiguous. Our consciousness and our eyes filter the appropriate details of a situation (business, evening).

The collection packs all into one: mesh, eyelets, a waistband of jersey fabric, and pleats, making the clothing a text expressing the context of the event.

It’s up to us to move the waistline at the appropriate time, to the hips or to the breast, in order to be ready for the evening or the beach.
What remains is to make our consciousness as flexible as fashion: It’s in our hands. (Björk)

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