„The centrifugal force of fashion breaks all our perceptions, to gather them with new strength, in a new order, on a new turn of its fast-paced history.“

Lena Kvadrat :::

art point
Vienna based fashion brand

Originally founded 1998 in Moscow, art point has been at home in Vienna since 2001. In our brand-owned concept store in Vienna’s vibrant 7th district, as well as worldwide through various distribution partners, we sell one summer and one winter collection per year.

The collections of art point are dedicated to the elaboration of a specific theme based on philosophical, social and cultural aspects of fashion and humanity. We encode these observations into specific/distinctive art point details for concret garments.

Lena Kvadrat
Designer and artist

Lena Kvadrat studied textile design at the Textile Academy in Moscow before launching the art point label there. For Lena Kvadrat, creating fashion in today’s world means observing global trend aspects and acting not as a stylist but as an artist. She sees herself more as a product designer and considers the engineering/wearable aspect as the basis to celebrate fashion/aesthetics.

She sees fashion as a means of communication and symbolic language and uses coded signals to encode/decode. The fashion shows and collaborations with other artists have performance character and reflect cultural, geopolitical and social relevance of fashion.

„Fashion opens up new spaces
in which people move.“

Lena Kvadrat :::

„Fashion is the mood board of society.“

Lena Kvadrat :::

art point | Philosophy

Fashion is communication – about ourselves/our cultural roots/our economic situation. It’s not just about showing ourselves, it’s about communicating with other people and inspiring each other – creating conversations through clothing.

All art point collections are dedicated to de/code this language of fashion.
However, we do not lose sight of the fact that fashion is first and foremost clothing. It is important to us that the pieces in our collections are wearable.

Our mission – to bring together wearability and the statement of the piece through details and proportions. For us, working with clients means recognizing their needs and figuring out how those needs can be met through art point.

art point | Meaning

art point – motto of life – listen/feel when the moment has come to say stop.

For us, the art point principle means taking inspiration from outside and translating new findings into collections. In doing so, it is particularly important to say stop in time so that customers can celebrate the essence of the collection with us.

„art point means getting to the point
at the right moment.“

Lena Kvadrat :::

art point creative moments
art point Summer Collection 2023 Post/Illusionism
art point Winter Collection 2022/23 Meta/Feminism
art point Summer Collection 2022 Zoomification

art point | Collections

So far, over 40 collections have been developed by designer Lena Kvadrat. Every year there are two collections that focus on one theme. The collections are created in our workshop/studio/office in the 7th district in Vienna, where the first prototypes are also made. In Slovakia we produce: sample collections for agents/distributors and the products for our concept store as well as for other customers/stores.

The collections revolve around different color groups, with black being the largest color group. In each collection we use 2-3 of our own fabrics, designed in-house and produced in Italy or Portugal. By using large scale patterns printed on the fabrics in 140x200cm size, no two pieces are alike – yet the recognition value remains.


The new art point winter collection is now available online and in our concept store in Vienna!